This program is designed to increase Member retention and to give New Members a better understanding of DeMolay and their opportunities within DeMolay. It is structured in an easy format for you to give new members vital information about DeMolay and your Chapter. The sooner your new members understand our Order, the sooner they can be involved and become productive members of your Chapter.

There are three (3) PowerPoint presentations to help you get the information to your members and their parents:

Before the Initiatory Degree

Overview of our Order's structure,
and what to expect.

Before the DeMolay Degree

Overview of Jacques DeMolay
and what to expect.

Now that they are members

Information on getting the most out of
the DeMolay Experience

Download the supporting documentation:

Use these tools to help build your Chapter and
provide a positive DeMolay Experience for everyone!

Florida Membership Promotion

DeMolay International Membership Promotion

Florida Specific Membership Awards

In addition to the several awards for Membership that the ISC offers, Florida DeMolay offers two more:

Defender of Florida DeMolay

The Defender of Florida DeMolay award is for Active DeMolays who First Line Sign two (2) New Members in the same calendar Year. This is the Purple Defender’s Shield medal.

Commander of Florida DeMolay

The Commander of Florida DeMolay medal is awarded to the Master Councilors of each Florida DeMolay Chapter that reaches their annual membership goal and who initiate at least half of that goal within their Term of Office, will earn the Gold Shield of Honor. Our Annual goal is currently set as: eight new members per Chapter. Therefore, the minimum for this award is eight new members, with at least four new members initiated in a term of office for the Master Councilor to qualify for this award in term. Both Master Councilors may qualify if at least half the annual goal are initiated in each of their terms.

In the case of both awards, all paperwork must be correctly filed with DeMolay International and properly recorded in DeMolay International records before the new members count towards the award.


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