Do you want to:

  • - Celebrate the DeMolay Centennial with the rest of Florida DeMolay?
  • - Give your prospects a fun way to interact with their new fraternal family?
  • - Assist our State Master Councilor in his fundraising efforts to benefit our chosen Jurisdictional charities?
  • - Participate in a CENTENNIAL celebratory event, which can qualify you for certain Centennial awards?


We are pleased to announce the Florida DeMolay Centennial Virtual 5K!

Here's How:

Now through March 31 - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Registration is $20 which includes:

  • One (1) Virtual 5K Shirt
  • One (1) Virtual 5K Medal

Now through May 15

Upon your registration being processed, you will receive a sponsorship sheet to use when you contact your potential donors. Gather sponsorship from your sponsoring Lodge, your parents and friends and any local donors willing to support this worthy cause.

All proceeds from this event (net profit) will be donated to the Jurisdictional Charities as follows:

  • 50% to the Jurisdictional "flagship charity," the Masonic Home of Florida
  • 50% to the State Master Councilor's "personal charity," the Shriners Hospital for Children - Tampa

During this period, shirts will be shipped to your Chapter's contact person, so that they may be distributed for the next step.

April 13 through May 15

Schedule a convenient time and conspicuous location for your Chapter to complete the Virtual 5K. This can be relatively anywhere! Wear your shirts, plan a time to meet, gather together and walk (or run) around your community, at a park or another venue. Remember to have fun!

5K equals 3.1 miles! Get creative and mark your finish line!

Participation in the Centennial 5K fulfills one of the requirements of DeMolay International's Centennial Pro-Merito Award!

You can learn more about the Pro-Merito Award here:

Upon completion of the 5K event, scan your sponsorship sheets and email them to:

May 16 through May 31

You will receive an itemized invoice for your Chapter's portion, including registration fees and pledged sponsors.

Vote on the acceptance of your outstanding petitions from the prospects who participated, so they can have their initiation SOON!!

All monies will be made payable to: FL DeMolay.

Submissions, payments and correspondence may be sent to the PO Box, as follows:

Florida DeMolay
P O Box 130205
Tampa, FL 33681

April 13-14

Attend the annual Knighthood sponsored "Spring Festival" just south of Tampa, where we will host a 5K so you can join with your brothers from around the state! Also, the State Line will have a team prepared to conduct both (full) Degrees for any prospects you bring!

Prospects receiving the Degrees will not be charged the registration fee for Spring Festival!

Florida DeMolay

P.O. Box 130205
Tampa, FL 33681-0205


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