What We Stand For:

Our parents will be there for us through every obstacle we will ever endure during our youth. They have loved us even before we were born and will continue to love up even past death. The first candle represents the love we have for our parents/step parents/guardians.

Religious freedom is one of the basic tenets of the Order of DeMolay; however, it is required that a young man professes faith in God or in a Supreme Being before he may submit a petition for membership. While we do earnestly enjoin our members to participate regularly in a place of holy worship, which religion he chooses is not mandated. No DeMolay will ever be disrespected or shunned due to his religious ideals, as we are all children of the universal Father.

DeMolay members are taught to be kind to everyone and be courteous to everyone no matter at a DeMolay function or out in about in their personal life. Courtesy to a young man, courtesy to aged, courtesy to the stranger, and continual courtesy to love ones.

Brotherhood. Best friend. DeMolay’s most important teaching is that we work and do everything as one. The Order of DeMolay will never tell a young man to do something on his own. Chapters work together as a “Family” to conquer every challenge the world throws at them.

The Order of DeMolay teaches faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, and to continually support each chapter member. Loyalty to keep every trust committed to you, and to keep all secrets that you have been told. Every member takes an oath that they must be faithful to.

We practice to keep our thoughts, deeds, and actions clean in all manners realizing that things we could say or things we could do have negative impact on other. We all practice cleanliness everyday when we shower and make our bed but DeMolay teaches every young man that there is more to cleanliness then just that. Cleanliness in every thought, word, and deed.

Young men go out everyday to serve and protect for the countries which we reside and many young men have fallen on the battle field and not returned home to their respective chapters. DeMolay and it’s members take the time to remember and observe the sacrifices other fellow members are making so that DeMolay as a whole will continue to strive and grow.